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ROS1+ Cancer Innovation Award

On February 23, 2023 The ROS1ders announced an invitation to researchers to submit their research proposals for seed grant funding.

The ROS1+ Cancer Innovation Award aims to fund high-risk, high-reward research projects focused on ROS1+ cancer. The one-year $75,000 seed grant can be used for pre-clinical, translational, or clinical research and is open to investigators who hold a doctorate degree and a faculty appointment at an academic or non-profit research institution anywhere in the world.

“Seed grants, as the name suggests, allow for the generation of initial data to support larger

research endeavors,” said D. Ross Camidge, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine/Oncology at the

University of Colorado and a member of The ROS1ders Scientific Advisory Board. “While some

seeds fail, others grow into mighty trees - they can be the real seeds of breakthroughs.”

To Learn more visit our Seed Grant Program page.

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