Clinical Trials for ROS1+ Cancer

You can find clinical trials for ROS1+ cancer anywhere in the world by searching the website (or for trials in Europe).  All clinical trials conducted in the USA are required to be listed on this site, and most trials conducted by major drug companies in other countries are also listed. However, not every trial in every country is listed.  Various clinical trial finder apps exist to make searching this database easier, but they are all searching the same database.

There are a few dozen clinical trials for ROS1+ cancers running in the world today.  Some trials are for novel ROS1 targeted therapies; others are for chemotherapy, radiation therapy, adjuvant TKIs, or combination therapies. 

Because the status and sites for each trial can change frequently, The ROS1ders doesn't have the staff to keep a complete list of trials updated online. However, we do communicate with pharmaceutical firms that have experimental or approved ROS1 TKIs and have current information on several of the experimental treatments listed below. This list was last updated on 19-February-2022.

Some clinical trials might assist with travel planning and expense. If this your patient is interested in this, have them contact the trial site where they would like to participate. The ROS1ders do not have funding available for treatment, but we may be able to assist in connecting the patient to resources (contact us).

Trial Phase
Clinical Trial
Treats Brain
Trial Features
Repotrectinib (TPX-0005)
Turning Point Therapeutics
International (opened summer 2017)
Targets resistance mutations G2032R, L2000V, S1986F/L2000V
Taletrectinib (DS-6051b, AB-106)
Anheart Therapeutics
International (opened fall 2021)
Targets resistance mutations G2032R(?), L2000V, S1986F/L2000V
International (opened fall 2021)
Avoids TRK-related CNS adverse events; targets resistance mutations G2032R, S1986Y/F, L2026M, D2033N
Lorlatinib, binimetinib, TNO155
Array BioPharma, Pfizer
Boston, MA, USA
Requires disease progression or intolerance to at least 1 TKI, pretreatment biopsy, plus serial biopsies
Progression after one line of crizotinib or entrectinib; requires fresh biopsy
crizotinib and entrectinib
Hoffmann-La Roche
China, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
no, yes
Compares outcomes of the two drugs; no prior treatment with ROS1 TKI, chemotherapy or other systemic therapy
Hoffmann-La Roche
ROS1+ locally advanced or metastatic solid tumor; requires archival or fresh tumor tissue for testing
ROS1 TKIs in Clinical Trials 

Drug names are linked  to the reference section that lists scientific presentations and journal articles about the drug.


Several of the TKIs approved for non-small cell lung cancer are available for ROS1+ solid tumors via basket clinical trials or expanded access.

Some drug trials for ROS1 might not be listed on, or might not share information about the drug publicly. The ROS1ders won't have knowledge of those trials or drugs.

Medically reviewed by ROS1 Clinician-Researchers
Last updated 19-Feb-2022