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Public Facebook Page

Public Facebook

Our public Facebook page can be read by anyone with an interest in ROS1+ cancer.  On this page you will find ROS1der blog posts, shared news and articles relevant to ROS1+ cancer, and links to ROS1der videos as they are posted.  We also share about our current fundraising efforts and the projects we are able to fund as a result of our fundraising.    

Readers of the public Facebook page are welcome to comment on any post, but due to the public nature of this page, the majority of our patient-to-patient discussion and support occurs in our private Facebook group.


Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group "ROS1 positive (ROS1+) cancer" welcomes ROS1+ cancer patients and their immediate caregivers from all over the world.  This Facebook group is an active community where you can ask questions about treatment, stay up to date when ROS1ders learn about new research, and hear the stories of others with this disease.

To join this private Facebook group, please fill out the form. Then go to our private FB page and request to join the group.

The ROS1ders Transitions group is another private Facebook group for ROS1+ cancer patients and caregivers, based in the USA and conducted in English.  ROS1ders Transitions is open to all members of The ROS1ders’ “ROS1 Positive (ROS1+) Cancer” private Facebook group who want to discuss end of life, hospice, and grieving.

Other regional Facebook groups 

ALK And ROS1 Cancer - Australia & New Zealand
Private Facebook group for ROS1+ and ALK+ cancer patients and caregivers; based in Australasia and conducted in English.

Cáncer ROS1
Private Facebook group for ROS1+ lung cancer patients and caregivers; based in Spain and conducted in Spanish.

ROS1+ Cancer FR
Private Facebook group for ROS1+ cancer patients and caregivers; based in France and conducted in French.

ROS1ders UK
Private Facebook group for ROS1+ cancer patients and caregivers; based in the United Kingdom and conducted in English.

ROS1-Lungenkrebs Patienten-Netzwerk
Private Facebook group for ROS1+ lung cancer patients and caregivers; based in Germany and conducted in German.

Private ROS1+ cancer groups also exist in China (on WeChat) and in Japan.

Private Facebook Grou

ROS1der Zoom Meetups

Whether or not the Facebook group is for you, you can connect with other ROS1ders in our virtual meetups.

ROS1der meetups bring patients and caregivers around the world together twice monthly via Zoom. Each meetup will usually feature a topic of education or discussion, with an open discussion format at the end of the meetup as time allows.

Meetup dates and times:

  • The second Tuesday of each month at 9 AM Pacific Time
    (2 Noon Eastern Time, 6 PM Central European Time, 3 AM the next day in Australia)


  • The fourth Monday of each month at 2 PM Pacific Time
    (5 PM Eastern Time, 11 PM Central European Time, 8 AM the next day in Australia)


We invite ALL ROS1ders around the world to participate, regardless of country or time zone. If you would like to join in on a meetup, submit a request or email us with your name, time zone, email, and let us know if you are the patient or caregiver. We will then send you a Zoom link to our next scheduled Meetup.  We also publish the Meetup details under "events" in The ROS1ders private Facebook group. 

Recordings of educational presentations made in our Zoom meetups are available on The ROS1ders YouTube page.

Zoom Meetups

ROS1derings  Newsletter

We publish a newsletter roughly twice a year.


Past articles have included topics such as ROS1+ cancer and pulmonary hypertension, parenting after a ROS1+ diagnosis, how to donate tissue for ROS1+ cancer research, and travel tips for ROS1ders.


Newsletter articles may be published on our blog  with the full newsletter published to subscribers via email.   

Previous newsletter issues can be found in the newsletter archive on our publications page.   If you wish to subscribe to receive current newsletters as they are published, please fill out the newsletter subscription form.  


ROS1der Swag on Zazzle

Show your support for The ROS1ders of the world by purchasing some ROS1der swag on Zazzle.   Profits from the sales of these items support the ROS1ders' research and education goals.     


ROS1ders T-shirt

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If you would like to support us by contributing your time and skills, please contact us.

If you would like to support us by contributing financially, please donate here.

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