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2020 Research Roundtable Whitepaper

Sustaining & Accelerating Research for ROS1 Cancer

In October of 2020, The ROS1ders held the first research roundtable to discuss ROS1+ cancer research opportunities and prioritize ways The ROS1ders can help accelerate research for

our disease. The meeting consisted of a group of international clinicians, researchers, patients, and caregivers experienced in ROS1+ cancer.

The event was recorded and summarized in the following White Paper.

Sustaining and Accelerating Research for ROS1 Cancer (2021-03-01) -- The ROS1ders
Download PDF • 1.16MB

The white paper was translated into German, French, Spanish and Japanese to make it accessible to more patients, caregivers, clinicians, and researchers around the world.

If you want to support The ROS1ders' work, please consider a donation today.

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