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Cindy Nelson: She's a 1der

Hi, I’m Cindy, I live in the United States in MN, I was first diagnosed in May of 2017 with lung cancer. The upper left lobe was removed and they thought they had it all.

About one year later it was discovered that I had lesions “too numerous to count” in all my lobes. I, along with 7 family members were told I was stage IV and that I probably had 9 months; unless by some small chance my biomarker test came back with something treatable. I remember clearly being in that room with my daughters, my mother and father.. the pain I saw in everyone’s eyes…it was horrible. I lived in constant grief for the first week or so, I sought the help of a professional, and then decided that I could either spend the rest of my life in mourning and fear or make the best out of the time I had.

I think it was about 2 weeks later when I received the call from my oncologist that I had this ROS1 driver and my life could possibly be extended. I will never forget where I was at that moment and the elation I felt that I had the possibility of spending more time with all the great people I love here on earth! I started on Xalkori in May of 2018, had a wedge removed in the summer of 2020, but as of early this month I remain stable.

I have three daughters (my son died) I have ten grandchildren and other family and friends that I love dearly, they are supportive and fabulous and make my life worth hanging on to! I love getting out in the woods every day, no matter what the temperature and walk because I can. The world is a fabulous place and I intend to enjoy it for however long I get to do so.

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