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Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2021

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

2 FUNdraisers for LC Research!

In honor of Lung Cancer Awareness Month (LCAM), Lisa Goldman, one of the co-founders of The ROS1ders, is holding two FUNdraising events to raise money for ROS1+ cancer research. Lisa is a Certified Zentangle Teacher (“CZT”) and both events will be Zentangle classes (you can learn more about the Zentangle Method and Lisa’s classes here). These are the two events:

This is an example of a tile created in an Intro class.

(1) An Intro to the Zentangle Method Class via Zoom on Saturday, November 27 10am-12pm PST — This class is open to all, from total newbies to experienced artists. Anyone who can write their name can relax and create art with the Zentangle Method. Lisa offered this class as a ROS1 fundraiser last year and it was a great success. This year’s class will be similar, but will incorporate a few different designs to keep it interesting for anyone who wants to repeat it. Note, Lisa intentionally scheduled this class during the Thanksgiving weekend because it makes a great activity to do with friends and family, including kids! To sign up, read more about the details (like necessary supplies), and get the Zoom link,Go Here.

These are examples of maptangling – we “map” tangles onto watercolor backgrounds.

(2) A Level 2 Maptangling Class via Zoom on Saturday December 4th 10am-12pm PST — This class is also open to all, but Lisa does recommend taking an Intro class (from her, or any other Certified Zentangle Teacher “CZT”). It’s not going to be more difficult to execute, but Lisa won’t have time to go over all the background of the Zentangle Method like she does in the Intro class. To sign up, read more about the details (like necessary supplies), and get the Zoom link,Go Here.

Typically, Lisa would charge $35 per person for two hour classes like these. However, since these are FUNdraisers for ROS1+ cancer research, Lisa is not setting a price, any donation large or small is welcome and appreciated — please donate directly on her fundraising page or on the general ROS1der fundraising page. As always, students, cancer patients in active treatment, and anyone experiencing financial hardship is welcome to attend for free, honor system, no questions asked.

No worries if you cannot attend at the scheduled time. Lisa will be recording the class! Please still sign up by following the “go here” links to each of the classes above. Lisa will distribute a link to the recording as soon as it is available, to all who sign up.

Not interested in Zentangle classes, but still want to support lung cancer research? Great! Please just skip ahead straight to Lisa’s fundraising page or the general ROS1der fundraising page – and thank you so very much!

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