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The ROS1ders Interview Dr. Ross Camidge

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

On May 16, 2019, ROS1der co-founder Janet Freeman-Daily interviewed ROS1 expert D Ross Camidge, MD, PhD, Director of Thoracic Oncology and the Joyce Zeff Chair in Lung Cancer Research at the University of Colorado in a Zoom Webinar. We discussed questions that have arisen among experienced patients in The ROS1ders regarding diagnosis, treatment, and research for ROS1+ cancers, such as:

  • What treatment options do I have after crizotinib and lorlatinib have failed?

  • If the cancer in my body is stable while on crizotinib, but I develop brain mets, when should I switch targeted therapies instead of staying on crizotinib and treating the brain mets with stereotactic radiation?

  • Why does the effectiveness of targeted therapies lessen with each subsequent line of treatment?

Thanks to David LeDuc and Dr. Amy Moore of the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer for their assistance with the webinar.

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