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“Searching for a Cure–The ROS1 Cancer Model Project”

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The ROS1ders host webinar November 9, 2021

Ever wonder what The ROS1ders do to accelerate ROS1+ cancer research? Join us for a Zoom webinar titled, “Searching for a Cure: The ROS1 Cancer Model Project” on Tuesday November 9 at 2 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Moderator Janet Freeman-Daily of The ROS1ders will be joined by researcher Anh Le of the University of Colorado and Dr. Amy Moore of LUNGevity Foundation to discuss the collaborative ROS1 Cancer Model Project, its successful creation of ROS1+ cell lines at the University of Colorado, and the impact this effort has had on ROS1+ cancer research as well as other patient groups dealing with cancers driven by less common gene alterations.

Please register to receive the Zoom link at

The recorded webinar is available on The ROS1ders YouTube page.

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